Mano 2014 metų elektronikos albumų topas

(Tvarka atsitiktinė, išskyrus Aphex Twin.)

1. Aphex Twin, Syro


Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2]

Aphex Twin – Aisatsana

2. Plaid, Reachy Prints


Plaid – Hawkmoth

Plaid – Tether

3. Objekt, Flatland

flatlandObjekt – One Fell Swoop

Objekt – Dogma

4. Ben Frost, A U R O R A


Ben Frost – Venter

Ben Frost – Nolan

5. Fennesz, Bécs


Fennesz – Static Kings

Fennesz – Paroles

6. Hauschka, Abandoned City

abandoned city

Hauschka – Elizabeth Bay

Hauschka – Agdam

7. Andy Stott, Faith In Strangers

andy stott

Andy Stott – Violence

Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers



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